The Company


Kindler & Briel GmbH is one of several venerable German structure kit makers that have been around for decades. Along with Vollmer, Kibri is currently owned by Viessmann.

The Figures

Although they're not in the figures business per se, Kibri makes two N Scale accessories kits that feature figures that must be assembled, the results being a few rather wooden-looking poses. They went to great lengths to make painting unnecessary, even double-injecting the heads to make the faces and hair different colors (see 7492 contents). Photos are mine.

Cat #




Accessories with figures

formerly 7490


20 assorted figures

formerly 7492

Where to Buy

Kibri products are fairly easy to come by via online shops, although these two sets are a bit more obscure, and it make take some digging to find them; try eBay.

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