The Company

Carl-Erik Nordstrand, owner of TfA:s Hobbytjänst in Stockholm, Sweden, introduced HOO Scale in 1947. Having a ratio of 1:152 and a track gauge of 10 mm (2 mm Scale), these "Original Table-Top Micro HOO Model Trains" curiously focused exclusively on U.S. prototypes. They were imported by Model Railroad Specialty Company in Jackson, Michigan. Sadly, the product line died a few years later.

The Figures

The December 1949 issue of Model Railroader featured a small ad that mentions a painted driver and conductor, standing, for 35 cents each.

From a very old online auction I found an image of the figures included with their "Casey Jones" train set kit:

Where to Buy

I think it's safe to say that obtaining one of these would constitute a miracle.

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