The Company


Bachmann was an early adopter of N Scale, although their products were highly variable in quality. Bachmann later became part of Kader in Hong Kong, purported to be the world's largest hobby manufacturer, who also bought Graham Farish among others. Many of their pre-finished structures (and some of their freight cars) are embellished with figures drawn from these four sets.

The Figures

Made in Hong Kong since the late 60s, Bachmann's figures are very poor quality—worse than the old Hong Kong-made Merit line—and lately appear to have gotten still worse. Evidently consistency was not a prerequisite, as some figure sets that had animals mixed in with the people. Long OOP is a set of horse-drawn wagons; although the description suggests a set #2 may exist, I've yet to find one (an old Bachmann catalog shows set #1 but not #2). Amazingly, 7002 and 7005 are still available at a whopping MSRP of $10.50 each. The images for set #1 are thumbnails scrounged from Google searches, and the originals are now gone. Also note that Bachmann's blister packs have appeared in many designs over the years.

Cat #




Figure set #1



Figure set #2



Animal set #1



Animal set #2



Horse and wagon set #1


Where to Buy

Bachmann is broadly available throughout the world.

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