The Company


Currently a market leader in model railroading, Atlas was an early adopter of N Scale, importing products from various European manufacturers in the late 1960s. Atlas discontinued their figures line many years ago. But now, since they own BLMA, they have N Scale figures back in their catalog... albeit one really oddball set.

The Figures

Atlas was one of the first to sell figures in the US; not only that, they were North American styled. Made by Preiser, the figures were unusual in that they had molded-on bases; they were packed in Atlas-branded clear plastic boxes with dividers to separate the figures. (The same sets were also rebranded by Peco.) Photos are mine.

Cat #



Railroad workers




Workers and pedestrians


Seated people


Career people



Where to Buy

If for whatever reason you're looking for these, occasionally they pop up on eBay. Note, however, that other figures are often substituted for the ones that belong in these sets.

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