The Company


Founded in 1991 by Russ Kaufman, the N Scale Architect is a craftsman laser kit manufacturer. Originally all N Scale, the line has recently been expanded to include HO and Z Scale kits, and their Model Builder's Supply Line is available in six scales. They also import some items from Shire Scenes.

The Figures

Many of the detail items used in their kits are available separately. They're all unpainted soft metal castings, many of which were supplied by P&D Marsh. Images are from the N Scale Architect (except MAS001, from eBay).

Cat #



8 beef cows (formerly MAS001)


Stock yard assortment with 5 cows


Creamery assortment with figure


Open sack assortment with 2 figures


Closed sack assortment with 2 figures


Coal delivery truck with shoveling figure


Hero's Park statute and cannons


Loading dock assortment with figure

Where to Buy

Although available through a number of online shops, products can be ordered directly from the N Scale Architect.

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