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I've been a web developer since the mid-1990s. I learned page coding back in the days when websites had only one purpose: to convey information. No stores. No games. No videos. Not even custom fonts. Just the facts, ma'am.

To this day I still adhere to this philosophy. Every one of the thousands of web pages here is pure, hand-coded, human-readable HTML designed solely to deliver information. The fanciest thing I've done is cycle images using some Javascript on one page.

This is not to say I'm incapable of being as fancy as the next guy. I'm a professional visual designer/artist, and I've also worked as a web application programmer doing some pretty esoteric stuff, such as genetic engineering—in a browser. But all of the content here is static, which obviates the need for dynamic page generation, and "visually exciting" page design only serves to detract from the content. Not to mention that websites today aren't the slightest bit conservative about the amount of code required to build their pages. Hey, everyone has broadband now, right? (Wrong.)

Oh, and yes, I still use tables for page layout. Why? Because not all browsers interpret style sheets the same, despite claims to the contrary, and some layout coding just plain fails. Tables don't fail. About the worst thing you might find here is a bad link (in which case I'd appreciate knowing about it).

So, if you think my websites are boring, then you may as well back out now, because they're not meant for you. I've got a lot of information to convey, but absolutely zero need for a bunch of nonsense to convey said information. In the early days of webmastering, the mantra was "Content is King." Here, at least, it still is.

Rough Inventory

  • ~3,738 pages
  • ~17,198 images
  • ~50,000 links

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