For Cellphone Users

Are you listening to my music on a cellphone? That's too bad, because I happen to think most of my music sounds like complete crap on a phone. Honestly, it's like fingernails on a chalkboard. Cellphones tend to exaggerate higher frequencies, distort the middle frequencies, and totally lose the lower ones, and a lot of my music has a lot of strong bass.

"Oh, but my phone sounds really good!" Sorry, but your definition of "really good" leaves a lot to be desired. I make and mix my music for my enjoyment—as selfish as that sounds—and I really like strong bass, as well as punchy drums, which cellphones are ill-equipped to reproduce.

For a brief time I thought about remixing my music specifically for cellphones and releasing the tracks separately. I even did one song as a test, and while it was far from ideal, it was an improvement over the original mix. However, it took the better part of a day, and with 80-plus tracks online, I was faced with a small mountain of work. To be honest, that's not how I care to spend my time; I much prefer creating new music, as opposed to re-creating old music poorly.

So, cellphone users will simply need to accept the fact that what you hear is most definitely not what I intended to be heard. Which makes me wonder: how can my music can be judged fairly when it's being played on a totally inadequate device? If you don't have access to a halfway-decent hi-fi, then headphones or even earbuds will perform much better than your phone. Otherwise, you may as well use a string and a tin can.


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