Sidebar: Rolling Stock


From the outset I'd selected an Atlas Shay as the railroad's primary motive power. It will of course be relettered for the Greystone. The white striping must also go away, as it's a bit too decorative for a backwoods quarry grunt. Fortunately it's oil-fired, as appropriate for my railroad, so I won't need to make any physical mods.

Originally I'd thought about pairing the Shay with a rod locomotive, and I'd tentatively chosen a Minitrix 0-4-4-0T. This stunning European Mallet would require considerable "Americanization" before it could go into service on the Greystone. However, I was reluctant to modify a model that had cost me a king's ransom. I also had concerns about its performance—the frogs on the curved turnouts were longer than the loco!

So I decided to use the Hardwick & Woodbury Railroad, which had three Shays, as my guide, and put my other Atlas Shay to work on the Greystone. This would save me a lot of work, preserve an exquisite model, and be a bit more true-to-life. Plus, those long frogs would have been a problem for any short rod loco, so it solved a potential performance issue as well.


Five Bachmann "Old Time" flat cars are perfect for the job. I've already given the fleet new trucks and couplers. Once I replace the brake wheels, slap on some paint, rough them up a bit and add some loads, they'll be ready for service.


I've selected two Athearn 36' wooden boxcars to haul finished goods and general freight. They'll only require relettering.


This ancient Arnold Rapido bobber will just need a new smokejack, couplers and paint.


A Roundhouse Overton combine will require replacement trucks and couplers, as well as paint and lettering. I've not yet decided on a scheme for the Greystone, although I'm leaning towards... wait for it... grey.

Unfortunately the project ended before I could do anything with the rolling stock, so everything has gone back into my collection.


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