Wooden Trestle

Although I'd not gotten started on the trestle for the layout when I began its "reboot," I did have a Micro Scale Models kit on hand to adapt. However, the kit was an utter embarrassment, with no end of design flaws and guffaws: they called it a "trustle" bridge—I kid you not—and the deck ties were sized and spaced exactly like old Code 80 European flex track! It wasn't a cheap kit, either, so I tried my best to make of it what I could, but the wood was soft and easily broken, and ultimately I wound up tossing everything into the trash.

Fast-forward a year or so, and now I've designed my own proper wooden trestle exactly to suit my layout, and had it laser-cut. Here it is about half done:

And now it's finished:

Next up was installation. The ties were notched to accept the rail, so this was a snap.

This structure was never finished, and has been destroyed.

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