Stone Cutting Shed

The Greystone Granite and Monument Company stone cutting shed began with N Scale Architect's Gruber Wagon Works, with chunks of Showcase Miniatures' O.H. Wright Company, RS LaserKits' Will's Farm Supply, and a few others tacked on.

Many of the added details were inspired by reference photos of stone cutting complexes, although I'll confess I may have gone a little overboard with the add-ons.

There are some associated buildings to accompany the cutting shed. A Branchline Laser-Arts machine shop was modified to become the business office. (I'd originally made it from a Republic Locomotive Works American Flag Manufacturer kit, but the results looked much too urban for a rural industry, so I used the leftover parts for the yard office.)

And the steam generating plant was made mostly from parts of a Branchline Laser-Arts creamery kit. Unfortunately the project ended before I could finish anything, and I elected not to keep the complex.

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