Right of Way

Some quarry lines made use of switchbacks. I find it amazing these little locos can manage such trains; they must have gone through brake shoes like nobody's business.

I'll be modeling a much smaller version of this trestle.

At the quarry end of the line, you're likely to find almost anything.

Check out the guardrails on this switch—and it's not unique. This was taken on the J.K. Pirie Granite Quarry Railroad in Williamstown, Vermont.

There's a three-way stub switch in front of this cutting shed at Fletchers Granite Plant in Hardwick, Vermont.

Here, a crew uses a stone derrick to position a turnout—perhaps the earliest known example of 1:1 "Snap Track"!

The track is often pretty rough-looking, but neatness doesn't count as long as it works.


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