WR&N Mark VIII: Coming Full Circle

Fast-forward three years... As I was sifting though a box of used Minitrix track, I came across a couple of curved turnouts and was suddenly hit with a wave of nostalgia. I then thought perhaps the idea of recreating my first White River and Northern might be good for my tortured soul. I scrounged around for materials and found enough to replicate the original round layout. Aside from a new lightweight base, I allowed myself to modify the track plan a little: I swapped the geometries of the upper and lower lines and added a few more sidings. Compare the "before" and "after" versions:

It wasn't long before I had the base assembled, comprising two laminated sheets of half-inch Gatorfoam, and a piece of 3/16-inch Gatorfoam for the cookie-cutter subroadbed. I laid the track using 3M's VHB double-sided tape, and in a few short days I was ready to start working on structures.

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