WR&N Mark VI: New Limitations

After my complete burnout with Z Scale, I yearned to return to N, so in late 2012 I drafted plans for the White River and Northern VI, a small narrow-gauge layout based loosely on John Allen's original Gorre and Daphetid.

As usual, I made a base from half-inch Gatorfoam, using the same material for the subroadbed. I also began experimenting with 3M's VHB (Very High Bond) double-sided tape for tracklaying. The results were very promising: the tape held the PC board ties firmly in place.

My intention was to hand-lay Nn3 track using the Code 25 rail I had custom manufactured for the James River Branch. But as I got to work, I found that old age, exacerbated by Sarcoidosis, was beginning to rob me of the fine motor control needed to lay the track. This was alarming since, not long before, I was hand-laying Zn3 track (below), and even T Scale track, with a mind-bending gauge of 3mm.

Although it was a terrible blow, I attempted to recover from it by building a diorama—a quick and dirty way to get back in the game.

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