WR&N IV Animation: Crossing Gates

Although I don't have any videos of the gates working, I at least documented the signals pretty well; here's a sampling. The gates are modified NJI models. Being solid brass, the gates naturally drop into the lowered position, so I added actuators: brass wires that simply pushed the gates up into the raised position. The actuators were moved by a Tortoise switch machine.

The signals were all scratchbuilt with LEDs wired to a mini-phono plug, so that the entire assembly could be removed from the layout for maintenance or to keep them safe while working on the layout. The gate arms were also fitted with SMD LEDs, so all of the lights worked properly. They were switched on and off via the electrical contacts on the Tortoise, and powered via ultra-fine solenoid wire. The overhead signal was scratchbuilt using etched brass bridge parts and a bit of stainless steel roofwalk.

I also built several other signals, many of which had multiple flashers aimed in different directions, just as one often sees in real life. Incidentally, the targets are brass washers, and the hoods are bits of wire insulation. The one shown below has a bell, which is a slice of brass rod.

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