WR&N IV Animation: Enginehouse Doors

Sadly I never took any videos of the enginehouse doors, but at least I photographed the mechanism. Here's the enginehouse in situ on the layout (photo by Lou Sassi):

The enginehouse itself was kitbashed from an old Arnold Rapido roundhouse kit. I chose it because of its wooden siding, and in fact the walls and roof vents were all I used from the kit. The roof was all new—including all of those individually applied rafter ends. Windows were from Grandt Line, modified to fit the opening size.

The interior was fully detailed, and included "proper" lighting, comprised of nine microbulbs with enameled steel shades (HO Scale locomotive bells) mounted in the roof trusses.

There were a few "adult" details as well.

The structure fit onto a base that housed the mechanism. The doors, therefore, were part of the base, and not the structure.

There were four complete mechanisms, one for each door, and each mechanism was controlled individually at the layout control panel.

The mechanisms worked like this: a mini-gearhead motor turned a threaded shaft, which moved a slider back and forth; microswitches at each end of travel stopped the motor. The slider had a lever attached to it that could swivel, and Z-links from each door half engaged slots in the lever. As the slider moved, the lever swiveled freely, and the motion of the door halves was slightly irregular and randomized, so that it didn't appear smoothly mechanical in action.

The enginehouse now resides on a layout by Lee Weldon in Maryland.

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