WR&N IV Animation: Barber Pole

I enjoy animating "non-traditional" things ("traditional" would be stuff like crossing gates, which one would expect). Making an animated and lighted barber pole was a fun challenge I'd set for myself. I also made it harder by choosing a wall-mounted pole, as opposed to one atop a stanchion, which would have been much too easy.

The means of its operation is illustrated below. A low-RPM motor drives a pair of counter-rotating rods. The tapered ends of these rods engage the ends of a piece of styrene tubing, thus turning it. Inside the styrene tube is an axial lead microbulb, which is powered via the brass tubes that carry the counter-rotating rods.

The completed mechanism looks like this:

The barber shop now resides on Rick Spano's Sceniced and Undecided. I also went on to build one in Z Scale.


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