2. Benchwork

Things got under way in December of 1987, beginning with the city section. Owing to its odd angles, the benchwork for this was tricky to design. I used a computer to work it out (left).

I also used full-size paper plans to help  develop the track plan. Below, you can see that the layout would wrap around the column; a mountain peak would rise up to completely cover it.

Construction proceeded at a swift pace: within one year, all principal benchwork was completed and tracklaying had begun using Rail Craft Code 55 flex track and handlaid turnouts. By year two, the lighting system was done, much of the engine facility was complete, and several chunks of scenery were finished. Enough mainline was in place that trains could begin to roll.

City scene benchwork.

Mountain range peninsula

Logging camp/staging yards.

Tracklaying under way.

Scenery construction around the quarry area.

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