3. Pinhole Photography

In addition to learning some of the finer points of modeling, I also began experimenting with photography. My first attempts, taken with a Polaroid, quickly taught me about depth of field, and so I made a pinhole by poking a piece of aluminum foil with a pin and taping it to the front of the camera lens. While this resulted in a circular image, it nevertheless provided some valuable lessons. In the images below, the foreground objects are about two inches from the lens.

Later, I used the same pinhole trick with a 35mm SLR. I also carried the layout outdoors for some experiments with natural sunlight. My front yard served as the background.

The color photography was done with the Polaroid, indoors under the light of a desk lamp.

Some time after graduating college I moved out, but the little layout—which by then was finished—didn't leave with me. I felt it was time for me to graduate to bigger and better modeling, although that opportunity wouldn't come for several long, layout-less years. But then... fast-forward roughly 45 years, and I'm doing it all over again!

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