Mark VIII, Part 2

At the outset, the remake was to be a New England logging railroad, just like the original,
and I even retrieved an Atlas Shay I had in my collection to serve as the most appropriate
motive power. Partway through construction, however, I began having second thoughts:
I felt as though the logging railroad theme was perhaps a bit too hackneyed, and for
reasons I canít explain, I was inspired to make it a granite quarry railroad instead.

This led to considerable research, as I like to understand what Iím building. It also
inspired a break with my layout naming tradition and I dubbed it the Greystone and Rock
Bottom Railroadóbut donít be fooled into thinking I was getting cute with quarry-themed
names; Greystone was a twist on Red Stone, a real place in Vermont on a quarry railroad
I discovered during my research, and Rock Bottom reflected my emotional state.

With a generous stockpile of laser-cut wood structure kits on hand (most of which were
purchased for the aborted WR&N VI), I started with the stone cutting shed, a substantial
structure loosely based on an amalgam of cutting sheds I found during my research.
The Greene Granite and Monument Company comprises Gruber Wagon Works from
N Scale Architect, Freight and Packing (discontinued) from Showcase Miniatures, some
bits of an RS Laserkits kit, and who knows what all else.

The office is actually the second one Iíd built. The first attempt began with the American
Flag Company kit from Republic Locomotive Works. It was substantially bashed, but in the
end it looked too urban for a backwoods setting, so I replaced it with a downsized version
of Branchlineís Caldwell Tool and Die. A chimney will cover the slots on the side.

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