Mark VI

A few years later I found myself in a new condo with a new love interest, which began a
chapter in my life best described as a rollercoaster ride of extreme highs and lows. After
a cancer diagnosis (not mine), I founded NZT Products, secured a coupler design patent,
and returned to modeling. Tight on space and interested in trying something different,
I decided to focus on Z Scale (the James River Branch and the Geordie and Daphne);
Iíd also done some pioneering work in T Scale (1:450). But I yearned to return to N Scale,
so in late 2012 I drafted plans for the White River and Northern VI, a small narrow-gauge
layout based loosely on John Allenís original Gorre and Daphetid.

My intention was to hand-lay the Nn3 track using custom-manufactured Code 25 rail. But
as I got to work, I found that old age, exacerbated by Sarcoidosis, was beginning to rob
me of the fine motor control needed to lay the track. This was alarming since, not long
before, I was hand-laying Zn3 track (below), and even T Scale track, with a mind-bending
gauge of 3mm.

Although it was a terrible blow, I attempted to recover from it as quickly as possible by
going to work on a whole slew of N Scale mini- and micro-layouts, beginning with the
Jersey City Industrial Railroad. My recovery was short-lived, however, as I then faced a
barrage of catastrophes that struck in rapid succession: my parents died, I lost nearly a
hundred grand in a bad business deal, and I was emotionally betrayed in a most painful
manner. Ultimately I had to put my business on hold, place all of my belongings in storage,
and move out.

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