Mark I, Part 2

I did my best to adapt Bill Barron’s sketch. Thankfully, by this time Minitrix had introduced
a comprehensive line of sectional track that happened to include curved switches—just
what I needed to make the plan work.

  1. Bearcamp passenger station
  2. Bearcamp freight station
  3. Farmhouse
  4. Barn
  5. Car hoist
  6. Stephen A. Greene Charcoal Company
  7. Wood loading platform
  8. Sand bunker, ash pit
  9. Water tower
  10. Yard office
  11. Enginehouse
  12. White River Junction passenger station
  13. Switch tower
  14. Snow shed
  15. Wooden trestle

The layout was built atop a squat, round table I’d made from 3/4-inch plywood. The very
first image of it I’d taken reveals my seemingly schizophrenic style of construction: I was
ballasting and starting scenery before all of the track was laid.

All of the structures, save for the switch tower at far left, were scratchbuilt, and about
half of the rolling stock was likewise scratched. I’d even bashed a Shay, combining Minitrix
diesel mechanism parts with a chopped up Arnold Rapido steam switcher shell. The result
(which I dubbed “Frankenshay”) wasn't pretty, but it was better than the alternative—
which, in the 1970s, was nothing.

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