Trenton Transportation Company

Chapter 4: The Way Things Go

Itís embarrassing to admit, but the Trenton Transportation Company is one of the very
few layouts Iíve built that approaches completion. Itís about at the 90% mark; the only
thing left to do is interior detailing for a couple of the storefronts. But itís far enough
along to actually run. And how does it run? Remember the two factory buildings?

The big one on the right hides a battery pack, along with the main power switches.

The smaller building has all of the layout controls incorporated into the roof, disguised as
vents, tanks and such. The two rows of small vents are actually pushbuttons that operate
the turnouts; the large tank is the throttle, and the vent to its left is the direction control.

It sort of freaks some people out a little when they see them in useówhich can be part
of the fun.

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