Trenton Transportation Company

Chapter 2: Building the Tiny Colossus

I broke with tradition just a bit: this layout was so tiny that I didnít use two laminated
layers of half-inch Gatorfoam as I normally do; I figured I could get by with just one.
But plans to include a snippet of waterway made it necessary to laminate a 3/16-inch
layer of Gatorfoam to the bottom of the half-inch piece. No biggie. And with that done,
I bonded the track to the base with super glue, and it was off to the races.

One of the scenes I knew in advance Iíd wanted to model was a large-ish industrial
building that butted up against a road that rose up over the tracks; it was based on
a real location in Trenton that no longer exists, but one Iíd driven past countless times.
This was accomplished by constructing an inclined platform from Gatorfoam and styrene.
It was far from easy; it required quite a lot of careful planning so that the building met
the sidewalk seamlessly. Other than this, there were no other noteworthy structural
elements to make; the rest of the layout was dead flat.

I must have been modeling at a fever-pitch, because I hardly took any photographs of
the layout in its beginning stages, which is quite unlike me. One of the earliest I could find
shows things well along, but at least you can make out (some of) the inclined roadway
under construction:

Perhaps I was dizzy with ideas for things to model that captured some filaments of my
early days living in the area. Perhaps I didnít care.

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