Trenton Transportation Company

Chapter 1: A Man with a Plan

The origins of this little layout stem from strange circumstances. I was involved with some
volunteer work and was faced with the prospect of temporarily living in a tiny apartment
in South Jersey. The Jersey City Industrial and even its smaller brother, Hoboken
, were too big to take with me.

Fine Track spaghetti.

Around the same time I discovered a new (to me) line of track: Tomix Fine Track, which
included über-tight-radius curves and some absurd-looking switches. I began fooling
around with ultra-compact track plans utilizing it, but this ultimately led to a variation
based instead on Kato Unitrack. (Tomix Fine Track would figure in a number of other
projects, including the Reddibilt Railroad.)

For the setting of this layout, I decided to stick closer to home. After living in Trenton
for several years (and nearby for half of my life), I’d become fascinated with the Trenton
Traction Company, a trolley line that ran from downtown Trenton up into the heart of
Princeton. I traced the line, studied its history (as best I could, given these were pre-
Internet times), and concluded I might like to model it someday.

Although this new plan didn't afford any opportunities to model some of the line’s more
interesting features, it at least gave me a very familiar theme with which I could run.
I soon had a list of visual elements drawn from places and things that were all, in some
way, a part of my life.

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