Locomotive Test Layout

Layout Summary


nothing in particular




18 by 30 inches


Minitrix Sectional


Aurora Power Pack


Lauan plywood on 1x2 frame




functionally complete/active

Quick and Dirty

Now that I'm starting to sell locomotives, I need some way to test them. I devised a simple "torture track" with tight curves and a couple of nasty turnouts. Originally it was just going to be raw track on a plain sheet of plywood, and it may yet remain that way. But as I was doing the sketch, I thought, what the heck, why not make it another retro layout? I could include some of the kits that wouldn't fit on the Newport & Rock Falls II.

Whether or not I take it this far remains to be seen; in the meantime, construction was under way by 6 April 2019, and after about an hour of work, the layout was almost 100% functionally complete—I only need to wire it (what, 5 minutes?) to wrap it up.

It only took a few extra minutes, and a scrap of lauan ply, to make it ready for scenery should I choose to go down that road; it's nice to have that option. Assuming I do finish the layout with structures and scenery—which is a growing possibility—the layout would feature the following kits:

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