Adventures in T: What Might Have Been

Way back in a previous lifetime, when I was a young(er) enthusiastic owner of a model railroad products company (NZT), I was preparing to dip my toe in commercial T Scale manufacturing. I'd already gotten a start, in a way, when I released some of my very first products: a series of steel modeling rulers. #T-001 was a multi-scale ruler that satisfied the target audiences of my company, as well as its name, which stood for N, Z and T Scales.

After a highly successful run of Z Scale structures, co-manufactured by a colleague on the west coast, I began creating laser-cutting drawings for a few T Scale downtown buildings:

They were going to be cast in resin as solid blocks; the first test builds were encouraging, and I'd progressed up to revision four. I'd even planned on dabbling in a T Gauge track system, and had started on some drawings for laser-cut roadbed:

However, the business was closed before any of these items went into production.

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