Track Plans

Whether you're interested in a layout with a simple loop, or a spaghetti bowl overflowing with track, there ought to be a plan in this collection that will interest you. All plans are designed using only stock sectional roadbed components—there's no track cutting required or "fudging" with flex track. Some plans have grades, others are perfectly flat, some have switches and others don't, so modelers of all skill levels and interests are accommodated.

The following table provides the basic vital statistics for each plan. Click the layout names or thumbnails for more detailed information, including complete parts lists. Please note that these plans are meant to serve as starting points—any of them can be modified to better suit your preferences.

The Kidney
30" X 15" (76cm X 38cm)
No grades and no switches

The Folded Dogbone I
36" X 14" (91cm X 36cm)
No grades and no switches

The Wedge
34" X 20" (86cm X 51cm)
No grades; 4 switches

The Folded Dogbone II
28" X 14" (71cm X 35.5cm)
Grades but no switches

Twice Around
24" X 16" (61cm X 42cm)
Grades but no switches

Thrice Around
24" X 15" (61cm X 38cm)
Grades but no switches

The Blender
32" X 19" (81cm X 48cm)
Grades; 3 switches


The Switcheroo
52" X 18" (132cm X 46cm)
Grades; 4 switches

The Spaghetti Bowl
45" X 24" (114cm X 61cm)
Grades but no switches

The Kitchen Sink
50" X 20" (127cm X 51cm)
Grades; 8 switches

Feel free to use/modify/reproduce these plans. However, if you republish my plans on another site, please credit their source. Thank you!

Looking for more track planning ideas? I've designed loads of plans for other scales, including a collection for N Scale and for Z Scale, for a grand total of over 60 track plans.

BTW, I'm often asked what I use for track planning. I start with AnyRail to establish the basic plan and to verify track geometry. I then import the plan into CorelDraw to add scenery, structures and part numbers. Finally, I export the finished illustrations as images for web publishing.

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