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Henry Preiser

Click to enlargeWhen Henry reached retirement age, he hadn't anticipated that his health would suddenly fail. So his daughter Edith and son-in-law Carl Merten invited him to live with them on Landsend Farm so they could help care for him. A retired railroad engineer, Henry is seen here interrupting Carl's nephew Peter and girlfriend (a German exchange student), who had been necking on the moonlit porch. Henry enjoys entertaining his grandchildren with stories of his tour of duty during World War II, when he spent much of his time in the railroad yards of Paris—the kids delight in his imitation of the "peanut whistle" common on the steam switchers there. He also loves to cook, and can be found in the kitchen as much as he's able.

Henry: Preiser 88517
Peter: Preiser 88534
Girlfriend: Preiser 88557

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