Track Plan Draft 3

The changes that followed mostly affected the peninsula, which I expanded as much as possible so I could feature a pair of double-track lines crossing one another, based very loosely on a scene in Woodbourne, Pennsylvania, while the station area on the lower line is a Hopewell/Pennington hybrid that I'm fond of featuring. The area in the bottom left corner is an approximation of a spot near West Trenton, NJ. Inspired by an industrial area in Holyoke, Massachusetts, I revised the large Roebling-esque complex along the bottom by rerouting the canal. The shelf extension behind the door (top left) may feature a rolling lift bridge, possibly locked in the raised position.

More and more I'm moving away from any hints of proto-lancing and toward pure fiction with a very rubbery temporal setting, as it's about the only way I'll be able to hit the bulk of my wish-list. For instance, while the bridge-into-tunnel scene at the upper right is drawn from a real location in Jersey City, the city itself blends early Jersey City with elements of New York and Chicago. The area around the station along the right is a mash-up of New Brunswick and Newark, and the urban industrial area at the lower right is Trenton leavened with just a pinch of New York's High Line. Incidentally, the loopy mess under the city remains unchanged.

As of August 2017, this is where it stands. Everything is subject to revision, of course, since my wish-list still has a bunch of outstanding items. Some days I think about a clean slate, and other days I just tinker with what I've done so far. Then again, given my deteriorating health, I'm not even sure I'll be able to build a layout by the time my house is done—assuming it ever gets done, that is.

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