Track Plan Draft 2

After expanding the previous plan to fit the space, I kept the same basic design as before, since it encompassed many of my wish-list items. Among the few changes I made, I separated the industrial switching line in the city (maroon) from the mainline underneath. I added a small shelf behind the door, at the upper left corner, and ran a functional wye to the return loop, center left. The divided highway, which runs the length of the left side and covers the staging yard, might be populated by animated vehicles; the viability of that option remains to be seen.

Under the city is a pair of loops, one for each of the two mainlines that enter tunnels at the lower right. The upper loop (green) circles the whole city, passing under itself near the tunnel portal, and interleaving with the lower loop (black). The passing sidings allow trains to alternate, so they don't reappear almost immediately.

Finally, I've also decided to add a second level, which would run below the left and bottom legs (my work space would occupy the area under the top and right legs). The lower level would be a rural scene, possibly with a narrow gauge tourist line. I decided to add it mostly as an excuse to build scenery, since there isn't much of that in the predominantly urban industrial setting of the upper level. The lower level will also probably function independently; I honestly haven't come up with a compelling reason to go to the trouble of connecting them (although if I do connect them, it would likely be with a nolix running two-thirds of the layout perimeter).

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