Track Plan Draft 1

The first plan I'd ever sketched was done back when the room was still 10 x 13 feet. Those were the rough outside dimensions; allowing for framing, the finished space was 9 x 12.5. This draft, from September 2015, was never completed; I still had the bulk of the city to wrap up (top center). Also, at the time I hadn't had my Alternate Universe revelation; I was planning on modeling the Jersey Central (black) and the Reading (green and maroon) independently, although they shared a common staging yard (lower left). The red line wrapping around part of the city is an industrial branch that split off of the CNJ, which I hadn't finished planning, and the blue is an elevated transit line.

Incidentally, the maroon lines on the Reading existed solely for the sake of a passenger train, which would be parked alternately on the stub-end siding at the lower left corner, and the passing siding under the city, top center.

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