6. Uncertainties

Life is always full of uncertainties, but I'd always assumed I'd have an opportunity to build one last permanent home layout. It seems my assumption may be at risk. As my efforts to build my home face grave difficulties, I'm now forced to question that assumption, and accept the possibility that it may never come to pass—or, at least accept that it may be drastically reduced in size as I face the possibility of having to abandon my house project and move to something much smaller, such as a trailer in a trailer park. In that case, one of my many half-built micro-layouts may become my last.

That said, even if I'm able to finish my home, my operating budget will be significantly curtailed. Worse, physical limitations are increasing by the day; I no longer have the fine motor control I once had, which seriously impacts my ability to model at the level of precision I once had—and had expected to maintain. Today, even normally simple tasks, such as assembling a basic plastic kit, have become serious challenges. I wouldn't even attempt anything like my animated excavator or micro-miniature model train layout.

These realities are forcing me to completely re-think the layout. The Reading Central may never come to pass.

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