Cranberry Creek Railroad

Northlandz has been a tourist attraction in the Flemington area since the 1970s. Boasting that it's the "World's Largest Miniature Wonderland," it's neither the world's largest nor a "wonderland"—except perhaps to a four-year-old. Evidently the years have not been kind, and many online reviews describe the poor condition of the display as well as the building. Anyway, I'm not modeling the main building; my interest is in their outdoor narrow gauge train ride, the sort of thing I've wanted to model for quite a long time indeed.

The Model

I'm planning on making some sort of functional narrow gauge train ride using T Gauge track; we'll see if I can pull it off. Also, since my version will be different from the real one, I've changed the name to protect myself from a possible IP dispute. The name is actually that of a short-lived train ride business venture from the late 1950s (below), a former "sister" of the Pine Creek Railroad, where I volunteer.

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