The oldest known settlement in Hunterdon County, Ringoes grew up around John Ringo's Tavern, established in 1738. The unincorporated community never became a major regional manufacturing or commercial center like the neighboring towns of Lambertville and Flemington, and the village has changed little since the 1920s.

Given that Ringoes is the railroad's headquarters, the yard is getting special treatment on the layout, and will be modeled as faithfully as practical: all of the tracks and principal structures will be present, with only moderate compression.

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Ringoes is a small community comprised mostly of old homes and a few small businesses, all of which are located southeast of the BR&W yardó"off stage" as far as the layout is concerned.

  1. Ringoes Station
  2. Whistle Stop Nurseries
  3. Hunterdon Drive-In

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