Hunterdon Drive-In

Located in the middle of a field roughly halfway between Lambertville and Ringoes, this drive-in is today an enigma, and trying to learn anything about it is an exercise in futility. I recall driving past it many times in my youth, but it was long closed down by then, and today absolutely nothing remains. So far all I've found is one really tiny, fuzzy image of the entrance, and a few programs.

I also found an image of the screen before it was torn down, but I've no idea who took it, or when, or even if it really is the Hunterdon Drive-In.

The Model

I've wanted to make a fully-functional drive-in since practically forever, and by twisting history (rather acutely) and having it survive into the 70s or 80s, I can finally build one. Incidentally, I will not be using a small LCD display to simulate the screen, as is so often done; I will actually project the image onto a proper screen.

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