J.B. Kline & Son

Established in 1875, J.B. Kline and Son is a remarkably eclectic business that's morphed from one kind of store to another over the years. Originally it was a smoke shop, and featured a wooden "cigar store Indian" named "Princess"—purchased from the Black Forest of Germany in 1888—standing outside to attract customers (right). When I was growing up, it was a hobby shop, featuring lots of model trains, including the new (at the time) N Scale. I'd spent countless Saturday afternoons rummaging around the store; in time I was befriended by Mr. Kline, a wonderful old gentleman who allowed me to poke around behind the counters and in the stockroom to look for unusual model items. Today it's a music store, offering instruments, lessons and fine art.

The Model

My rendition of this memorable site will be approximate as opposed to accurate, but it will still likely need to be scratchbuilt or, at the very least, heavily kitbashed. And I'll model it as a hobby shop, naturally; in the window will be one of my functional nano-layouts.

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