Niece Lumber

Historical images swiped from the Niece Lumber website.

Founded in 1920 by Chester A. Niece, the original business supplied lumber, coal and feed. Niece had its own sawmill and purchased logs locally; coal and feed were phased out between the 1950s and 70s.

The Blair family purchased the company from Chester Niece in 1966, and continued to grow the business. For a time, Niece received lumber by rail via Conrail and the BR&W.

Today Niece Lumber is a leading supplier of lumber and millwork, as well as windows, kitchens and baths; the business now covers three city blocks. Note the remnants of railroad tracks in the street, second image below.

The Model

I love modeling lumber yards, so an opportunity like this was impossible to pass up. Obviously, given its size, I cannot model the business faithfully, even in its earlier years. So, I'll be representing it with a few relatively small buildings from various sources.

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