A Brief History

Flemington began as a farming community in the early 1700s, and by 1785 was chosen as the County Seat of Hunterdon. By an act of the New Jersey Legislature in March of 1870, Flemington was formally made a town, but it wasn't incorporated until April 1931. Beginning in 1856, the County Fair was held on the Flemington Fairgrounds to promote competition between farmers, stock raisers and machinery manufacturers. The Flemington Raceway, also located on the Fairgrounds, hosted the Race of Champions as well as a NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series. Plus, Flemington was home to a number of well-known manufacturers such as Stangl Pottery, Flemington Cut Glass, Flemington Furs and others. Today the town is a hotspot for tourism and shopping, with countless outlet stores.

Flemington had three passenger stations, one each for the Pennsylvania (up from Lambertville, above), CNJ South Branch, and Lehigh Valley (below), located at Flemington Junction, just north of town. All three are still standing, although the Lehigh station has been slated for demolition soon.

Flemington was once home to numerous businesses and industries, including a sizeable foundry (now replaced by a sea of outlet stores). Three railroads served the community, and there were two turntables and at least four coal dealers. On the map below, the blue line is the BR&W; red lines still exist but are disused and overgrown; the rest are long gone.

Structures and Features

While larger than Lambertville, Flemington is less dense. Out of necessity, a tiny fraction of the town appears on the layout, and many of the structures have been radically rearranged so the most interesting and familiar ones are present. Also, liberties will be taken with the appearance of some or most of the buildings.

  1. Flemington Film Products
  2. Wright & Ford Funeral Home
  3. Homes
  4. Flemington Presbyterian Church
  5. Soldier's Monument
  6. Union Hotel
  7. Antique Shop
  8. Flemington Cut Glass under construction
  9. Gulf Station
  10. Flemington Post Office
  11. Hunterdon County Courthouse
  12. Flemington Public Library
  13. CNJ South Branch Station
  14. Hunterdon County Sheriff's Office
  15. PRR Passenger Station
  16. CNJ Freight Station
  17. Ralston-Purina Mills
  18. Higgins Brothers Coal Dock
  19. Turntable Junction Shops
  20. Gazebo
  21. Florist Shop
  22. Stangl Pottery
  23. BR&W Flemington Station (coach)
  24. Delaware Valley Farmers Co-op
  25. Flemington Foreign Car Repair
  26. Bemis Company
  27. Shammy Shine Car Wash
  28. Burger King
  29. Hunterdon Building Supply (off map lower right)
  30. Golden Star Diner (off map lower right)

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