Bemis Company


Bemis Company in Flemington, recently closed, was a manufacturer of handbags, totes, and plastic packaging. The plastic packaging division was added in the late 1960s, and more than doubled the size of the original plant. Today Bemis is merged with Amcor and produces consumer packaging for food, pharmaceutical and healthcare products. Meanwhile, the new owners of the property have been talking about making it a mixed-use commercial space.

Technical Information

  • Total building area: 100,175 square feet
  • Office space: 4,000 square feet
  • Land: 9.75 acres
  • Parking: 67 spots
  • Silo capacity: 12 @ 180,000 pounds of resin
  • Water capacity: 250,000 gallons
  • Siding capacity: 9 railcars

The Model

I've yet to determine how I'll tackle this beast. I may include an animated chainlink fence gate.

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