Ralston-Purina Mills


Much like Delaware Valley Farmers Co-op, Ralston-Purina Mills in Flemington has proven to be challenging to research. It appears to have been built in the early 1960s, close to what was once the PRR turntable. There was also a second building located across the tracks, just south of the PRR Passenger Station.

As seen in the images below, there was a variation on the "plumbing" which I'm investigating. When was it changed?

The aerial on the left is circa 1972; the right is present-day.

For a while, a leased Long Island rotary snowplow was stored beside it (also visible in the 1972 aerial, above left).

Jerry Jagger

Regrettably there's no room on the layout for the second building, especially since it has such interesting-looking loading platforms. It's located just south of the PRR Passenger Station.

Today, whatever may remain of the original building has been enlarged and is used for retail space called "The Great Freight Station."

The Model

I'll probably start with the Cornerstone Co-op Shed kit, and bash something together for the silo. Since it's at the very back of the layout, I'm not too concerned about accuracy.


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