Union Hotel


Constructed by Neal Hart in 1814, the Union Hotel was a gathering place for the wealthy and socialites through the 1800s. When the trial of Bruno Hauptmann was conducted across the street at the Hunterdon County Courthouse in 1935 (second image below), members of the media covering the trial stayed at the hotel, generating considerable notoriety.

Much later, the hotel was renovated and became the Union Hotel Restaurant. However, it was not profitable, and closed in 2008. Since that time, many hotly-debated plans to restore/demolish/re-utilize the site have been proposed. While the front of the building is still well-maintained, the back is in disrepair.

The Model

This will likely be a tough scratchbuilding challenge—that mansard roof will be a bear. Or, I may either elect to use a slightly-bashed DPM kit as a stand-in, or even replace it altogether with a couple of other buildings. It's still early days.

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