Golden Star Diner


Several miles south of Flemington on Route 2021/31 is this diner. In real life, it's pretty gross—it doesn't even look like a restaurant, let alone a diner—while the name suggests a cross between a retro stainless steel deal and a Chinese buffet. I've wrestled with what to do about this, even going so far as to consider resurrecting the Circle Diner, a classic if there ever was one, although that was gone long before my modeling era.

I've relocated the diner well up the road, toward Marvic Supply, where Hunterdon Collision is currently located in real life.

Strangely, the real Golden Star is across the road from Dave's Collision, which I'd briefly considered modeling in lieu of the diner. Perish the thought.

The Model

Seemingly a lifetime ago, I'd built Miller Engineering's diner kit for my White River & Northern IV. I'd added a false roof to give it a different look, so as a compromise, I'll do the same again and paint it orange as a nod to the real Golden Star.


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