Hunterdon Building Supply


Located well south of Flemington was Hunterdon Building Supply. Marvic Supply exists there now (check out who runs the place), part of a chain that specializes in windows and other building materials.

Compare how the property looked in 1972 (above left) with it today (above right). The main building (top center) has been there since around 1955, and the smaller trackside sheds since circa 1960; in the 1980s, the property and buildings were significantly expanded to look much as it does today. The building at the bottom center of the present-day image is a well-drilling company added around 2007. At ground level, there's not much to look at...

The Model

Evidently the main building didn't change much, but the sheds in the back are quite different, and this is where I'll have to use my imagination. I'll probably make use of the Walthers Cornerstone #933-3244 Mills Brothers Lumber kit. I may also include an animated forklift.


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