Higgins Brothers Coal Dock


This coal dock, located across the tracks from Ralston-Purina Mills, was part of Higgins Brothers, a supplier of coal, hay and straw. The coal dock was leveled and paved over to become an extension of Church Street around 1969. The first image dates from the early 1960s; the building in the background was the Higgins Brothers main building which, along with the Foran Foundry complex to the south, was razed to make room for Liberty Village. The first aerial was taken in 1966; the second in 1972; the third is present-day.

The Model

I'm still not certain I'll model this, but we'll see; it would have been gone four or five years by the beginning of my layout's time setting. But I vividly recall seeing it in my youth when I rode the train (which was fairly often), so it has a strong nostalgia factor for me.


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