A Brief History

The oldest known settlement in Hunterdon County, Ringoes grew up around John Ringo's Tavern, established in 1738. The unincorporated community never became a major regional manufacturing or commercial center like the neighboring towns of Lambertville and Flemington, and the village has changed little since the 1920s.

Here's how the yard in Ringoes appeared in 1966. Note the lack of the steel shop; the enginehouse was yet to be, and Ringoes Lumber Company was still there (extreme left).

Structures and Features

Given that Ringoes is the railroad's headquarters, the yard will be modeled as faithfully as practical: all of the tracks and principal structures will be present, with only moderate compression.

  1. Storage
  2. Coal
  3. Water/Sand/Diesel
  4. Steel Shop (finished)
  5. Enginehouse
  6. Ringoes Lumber Company
  7. Ringoes Station
  8. BR&W Office (finished)
  9. Whistle Stop Nurseries
  10. Abandoned Farm
  11. Electrical Substation
  12. Hunterdon Concrete (off map below left)
  13. Hog Town Station (off map below left)

Further Reading

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