3. Uncertainties

Life is always full of uncertainties, but I've always assumed I'd have an opportunity to build one last permanent home layout. For a time it seemed my assumption may be at risk, as my efforts to build my home faced grave difficulties; I was forced to question my assumption, and accept the possibility that it may never come to pass—or, at least accept that it may be drastically reduced in scope.

At any rate, when at last I'm finally able to finish my home, my operating budget will be significantly curtailed. Worse, physical limitations are increasing by the day; I no longer have the fine motor control I once had, which seriously impacts my ability to model at the level of precision I once had—and had expected to maintain. Today, even normally simple tasks, such as assembling a basic plastic kit, have become serious challenges. I wouldn't even attempt anything like my animated excavator or micro-miniature model train layout.

These realities forced me to completely re-think the layout. The Reading Central would have been, if completed as I'd envisioned it, as close to my "dream layout" as practical. But it would also have been incredibly ambitious. The plan below illustrates the density and complexity of the urban industrial theme I sought. Plus, not shown is the lower level, which was to be a narrow gauge mountain line. Honestly, I began to doubt I'd live long enough to come anywhere near completion, even assuming I had the funds to build such a beast... not that 100% completion was ever my goal—I've always maintained that it's the journey, not the destination. All the same, I'd liked to have at least come close.

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