Chapter 5. Kits, Kits and More Kits

With nearly two dozen kits to build—which seems like a lot for such a small layout—I have my work cut out for me. There's a separate page for each project. Check-marked projects are finished.

Note that, since starting this project over a year ago, I've been reevaluating some of what I was doing. In particular, after working on the Newport & Rock Falls II and the Commissioned Postage Stamp Layout, I've come to think I shouldn't do the kitbashing I've done, and I just may start over with some of the structures—in particular, the Modern Station and Restaurant and the Suburban Station. I've grown to appreciate the "purity" of doing straight kit builds for this era of layout. But this is just a thought; I've no idea if I'll follow through if I should take up this project again at some future point.

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