Split Level Homes

The three split level houses behind the bus terminal are from Model Power, which are actually Pola kits from the 1960s. Curiously, Aurora's kit (4158) is quite rare—I only had one—and Faller's original kit #2258 was discontinued. Meanwhile, Pola's version is nearly identical, right down to the separate second floor to make a two-tone house easier, and much easier to find.

And yes, the kit comes in that obnoxiously brilliant aqua-blue color, along with red roofs, so my first order of business was to knock everything down with grey primer, as well as hit the insides with flat black to make the houses light-tight. To spice things up just a bit, I painted one house deep purple—there's always an oddball in a neighborhood, right?—mostly because I've had the paint since forever and was itching to use it on something. One of the other houses I painted tan, and the last one I left primer grey.

Before assembly, I trimmed the bases down so I could cram the houses tighter together to create a classic claustrophobic suburbia feel. Other than that, I made no changes to the kits.

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