Train Station

The train station (4110, "suburban station") only received mods to the base; the station itself will remain untouched, save for omitting the window shutters. Because the station is now sandwiched between two tracks, I moved the long set of steps, which awkwardly faced one of the tracks. After slicing them off the front, I enlarged the notch on the left end, attached a platform, and reattached the steps to the platform. I also added the small set of stairs I removed from the bus terminal to the notch at the right end so that station personnel could reach the tower (yeah, I kind of over-think things sometimes). Before:


I made some minor cosmetic modifications to the structure: I eliminated the window boxes and all of the window shutters, which turned out to be a minor PITA—I had to fill 18 holes in the walls. Other than that, it was just a lot of painting, since I sure wasn't going to leave the station its original pastel lime green. Yuk. And the roofs were bright red and green—it looked like a North Pole station! As with the bus terminal/shopping mall, I toned everything down with neutral colors.


Since I had two station kits on hand, I used the towers from both of them on different parts of the layout. These were simple straight builds.

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