Code 25 Turnout

Back in 2006 or thereabouts, I got it in my head to make my own rail so I could handlay old, lightweight track. After considerable research, I finally found an outfit in Connecticut who would custom-fabricate nickel flat wire to specs with a "reasonable" minimum orderómost companies would only sell such stock in lots of a hundred pounds. As it is, the minimum order I got was only 10-15 pounds, and it contained many thousands of feet of wire! But it was affordable, and I sold off some of the extra wire to other modelers.

The first challenge I set for myself was to make a turnout. And, as it happened, it was easier than I thought it would be.

The points were connected to the throw bar by bending the ends downward, and they simply rest in slots cut in the bar. It looks a little awkward, but it worked surprisingly well.

I posed a car on the track that was retrofitted with NWSL narrow-tread wheels. I'd have purchased more of them, but they were raw brass, and not nickel plated.

Since then, I went on to use the rail for the Z Scale James River Branch, some handlaid Zn3 track, and even T Gauge track. I still have hundreds of feet of the wire, but I no longer have the ability to use it.

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